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The Day before Christmas

Comedy - horror - fantasy - love

For the past twenty-three years, a curse has killed a member of the Sunshine family on The Day Before Christmas. Now Miles Sunshine, the infamous photographer, is the last Sunshine alive.

The Great Mother

Detective supernatural Horror thriller

A pregnant teen is brought to live in a desolate mansion in the Arctic by her oil executive mother, only to learn that she's the target of an insidious occult conspiracy, targeting her unborn child.



A young football star, born intersex, must come to terms with who he is in Appalachia America.

Deliver Me

Religious horror Action thriller

The sequel to Deliver Us continues the story of Jacob and Samuel (now 12 years old) as the apocalypse nears and they battle for the fate of mankind.


Waiting to kill

crime comedy

Two inept brothers from Texas come to Los Angeles to find their estranged father and inevitably become hitmen.

Blah Blah Blah.....​


Detective Thriller 

A Mormon Detective returns to the community she was raised to investigate the disappearance of a nineteen-year-old journalist who was doing a story on the FLDS, a radical fundamentalist sect of the Mormon Church.

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